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Our farm is in the northern part of Iceland

Our farm, Sveinsstadir,
is about 2.5 hours from Reykjavik. You can see it on the map, between Hvamstangi and Blonduos. You can get to my farm by bus or you can drive here on Road 1. My farm is close to road one.
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We can help you
We are ready to help you if you need anything. You are welcome if you would like to see our farm and our horses. We can help you to find your dream horse or help you to organize your fishing trip on our lovely river.

Trainer would like to go to the US

Two 20 years old girls has asked me if I can find a good farm for them in the US. Both of them have a good experience of riding Icelandic horses and both of them have trainde horses. Both of them have been taking part in copititions in Iceland as last Landsmot.

What Do We Breed?

HORSES: We typically have about 70 horses at our farm. Some of them are brood mares, some youngsters and the rest are good quality riding horses.
CATTLE: Before we had a dairy farm, but now we have sold all our cows.
SHEEP: We have about 220 ewes


Urdarbraut 9
Tel. ++ 354 452 4495  or ++ 354 898 5695

My son lives at Sveinsstadir

Olafur Magnusson
541  Blonduos

Tel.  ++ 354 452 4095   or ++ 354 869 0705

Please write to our if you need a help
Send an Email to Magnus