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My wife's and my ancestors.

My ancestors have been farmers at my farm, Sveinsstadir, more than 400 years. My great great grandfather started farming at Sveinsstadir in 1844 and his son followed in his footsteps. Since then, a son has carried on the tradition of his father.

When I was a young boy I helped my father with the farmwork and I was only 3 years old when I got my first sheep and a bit later I got my first horse.



I married my wife, Bjorg Thorgilsdottir in 1979. That year we bought half of Sveinsstadir from my father and later we bought the other half.

Óli og Inga Sóley


My son Oli and his girlfriend Inga Soley has now started farming at Sveinsstadir.  Oli is a good trainer who has be learning at Holar, the riding school for 3 years.  He will run the training program at Sveinsstadir.  Every month he will have many horses for training from different breeders so if you are looking for a horse to buy, I am sure we know about the horse, which will fit your dream.


Bjorg and I, (Magnus) have now moved to Blonduos, the next village.  Both of our have job in Blonduos, but we will also help Oli and Inga Soley running the farm. 


  Our sons
Our older son's name is Olafur and we call him Oli. He was born 1979. He was a student at the horse trainer school at Holar. He has now started farming and horse training at Sveinsstadir.  His girlfriend is Inga Soley.



Our younger son's name is Thorgils and we call him Gilsi.
He was born 1981. He is going to be a carpenter and a horse trainer.  He was in work training at Holtsmuli with Siggi Saem last year.  This winter he will be training horses at Blonduos and he will live with our Bjorg.

Magnus and Bjorg in the garden. Behind us you can see a copy of our old farmhouse. It was built by Gilsi, our son.
  Our daugthers

Our daughter is Elin Osk, born in 1987. She goes to school at Akureyri this winter. 

Bjorg had one daughter, Helga, before we married. She lives in Blonduos with her husband and 3 children. They visit us a lot and the kids like to ride in the tractor with Grandpa.


The big family. Siguðrur Smári Einar Óli, Sigríður Helga, Maggy Björg, Arinbjörn Egill, Inga Sóley, Óli, Björg, Magnús, Gilsi, sitting in the front..

Elin Osk near Dettifoss, a big waterfall


Flodvangur, the hotel we have for fising men. 

At the winter time we use this big hotel for other tourist.