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I have many horses for sale and I will show you some of them. Below are bigger pictures of other horses I like to show to you.







If you would look to geldings for sale, please go to geldings for sale If you would look to mares for sale, please go to mares for sale
Feel free to contact me at MAO@CENTRUM.IS

Elja is a firzt prize mare 4 gaited. She is for sale

Gammur from Steinnesi ie going to be one of the most famous stallions in Iceland. He is first prize stallion and he has got 9 for tolt. I will get a offspring from this stallion this spring. I hope t will be a pinto

Gna from Sveinsstodum. Nice 4 gaited mare

Hrodur. I expect to have offspring from this stallion and Saga next spring.

Perla from Storu Asgeirsa. I exported her to the US

Ogn from Sveinsstodu. 5 gaited mare for sale, pregnant

This 4 years old silver drapple mare is for sale and also the foal

Frigg is really good mare

Parker has really good footlyft.

Blaer and his happy owner Sharon Johnson

Thoka, an exelent mare I export to the US 1998. She got 7,70 at the Evalation in Tulsa. Thoka and her owner Patti Mehling pattijoy@mindspring.com

Kaktus from Grafarkoti

Smari was sold to California.

Kunst from Storu Asgeirsa is veri nice looking mare

Stemma from Storu Asgeirsa is a good riding mare and for everyone who has a bit of experience. She is for sale now.Please contact me at MAO@CENTRUM.IS

Fluga 94256456 from Blonduosi is a good riding mare

Look to Sponn from Grafarkoti. Really nice mare with blond main and tail

Pardus from Olafsvik got 8,5 for tolt at an Evaluation. He is sold to the US