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In this page you can see some of the horses we have exported in last years. If you would like to know about our server in Iceland, feel free to contact the owner in the US. I will put their Email address with the photos. If you would ask us, feel free to contact at mao@centrum.is

Perla from Storu Asgeirsa
Perla is a very good breeding mare and in nice colour. She has got 7,91 at an Evalation. Her owner is Dan and Barb Riva. They have many very good Icelandic horses for sale in Winconsin. You can contact them at winterhorse@voyager.net

Thoka from Storu Asgeirsa

Thoka, an exelent mare we export to the US 1998. She got 7,70 at the Evalation in Tulsa. Thoka and her owner Patti Mehling pattijoymehling@yahoo.com

Blaer is a very good 4 gaited gelding. I export him the yrar 2000. His happy ovner is Sharon Johnson.
You can Email Sharon Johnson. and you can see

Rodi from Flogu
Rodi from Flogu was a competition horse in Iceland. It is a lot of fun to ride him and his owner Daniel Riva love him