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Photo4 Page:
Some pitcures of horses
I hope you will have fun looking to this pitcures. Some of this horses are for sale.

My mare Gydja, jumping across a stream
Dogg 7 years old

Dogg has got 7,98 for conformation at an Evaluation. We are hoping for a good sore for riding ability at an Evaluation this spring.

Hylling daughter of Gaski from Hfsstodum
Hylling is one of our br4eeding mares. On this pitcure is she going to have a foal in next few days.
Logi, a very good four gaited gelding
Logi has got a long training and he is absalutely good riding horse
Trilla from Bjarnarnesi

Trilla is very high lifting mare, four gaited. She has very high speed and a lot of fun riding this small mare.

Trilla is now in Germany

This is Hula. She is a friendly mare, which I like to ride
Kormakur is a four gaited gelding, safe horse for everyone, but people with a good experience will have fun riding him.